Frequently asked questions

To configure the CCam you need to set it up in Hotspot mode. When you buy a new CCam it is by default set in Hotspot mode. You can tell if it is in Hotspot mode by looking at the Hotspot indicator. If the indicator is ON the CCam is in Hotspot mode. See below Picture for the location of Hotspot Indicator [see 4 in Pic below]. In case, your CCam does not show the Hotspot indicator ON when you switch it on, then you can press the reset button twice (click-click) to get into this mode. You need to wait for about a minute for your device to boot up and initialize after a power on. This mode is similar to the personal hotspot that you create on your mobile phone so that other devices can access network via your mobile phone. In case of CCam this Hotspot is advertised as “CCam-”. You can see the Hotspot listed in your wifi setting page as seen below on a IPhone. It is advertised as CCam-a8da850b.
You can replace the sd card in a couple of minutes. Here is the video link for better understanding
Check item 5 in below picture and you will see the status LEDS. They are deep inside the device and you need to align your eye in from of the pin hole to view there. Status lights indicate the following:
  1. Yellow-Red blinking: The device is booting up. Wait until the device is fully booted to do any operation.
  2. Yellow-green constant: An operation is in progress.
  3. OFF: The device is in Infra mode if the hotspot indicator is OFF or in Hotspot mode if the hotspot indicator is ON.
For Upgrade/Update login into your account at http://app.ibeyonde.com. Goto Live menu. Click on the Settings button of the device that you will want to upgrade. This will take you to the device setting page. From this page you can do various operations on your device. Your device needs to be connected to the internet for the operations to go thru to your device. Click on the update button that appears on the device settings page as shown below:
When you deploy multiple CCam in proximity then they automatically discover each other and form a grid. There is no configuration required and this is done by the cloud software. The grid provides certain smart features like “Events”. The events are collection of snapshots that the machine learning algorithm thinks are linked to each other. This provides a view across cameras for related events.
You can configure grid as per your perception of what are the active parts in the view of CCam. When the CCam discovers any motion outside this active grid points it will raise an alarm.