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We are seeing a transition from passive CCTV surveillance to more proactive video surveillance systems. These systems are networked, intelligent, multi-camera aware, co-operative grids with integrated situation awareness of dynamic and complex scenes, be it a wide area like an urban center or indoor campuses like shopping malls. The core of such system is a smart combination of intelligent filtering at the edge that is followed by more sophisticated feature extraction, reasoning and scene understanding on the cloud.
CCTV based surveillance is now commoditized. With the widespread installation of CCTV cameras that generate an overwhelming amount of video footage, it is becoming more and more difficult to analyze the data in case of an event. Due to this, there is an increased focus on intelligent systems that can help in uncovering events more quickly. Many companies have been mushrooming that provide intelligent video analysis from the live feed or by analyzing the stored footage. Companies are also trying to build end to end solution that is more intelligent, flexible and dynamic. This is where ibeyonde is trying to make the difference. Ibeyonde system combines the filtering power of edge devices with more situational aware analysis on the cloud. With intelligent edge devices, a lot of filtering and optimization happens on the edge, followed by intelligent analysis across grids of cameras.
The digital video surveillance value chain presently is fragmented and contains multiple layers. This is demonstrated by the fact that there are so many different kinds of players of different kinds, large and small, from security businesses to IT firms to telcos all wanting a pie of this business.
Ibeyonde is at this interesting time focusing on the following:

  • Adding more intelligence to edge devices. This reduces the excessive bandwidth required for video transmission and reduces the computational load of the cloud.
  • The system is user-centric, achieved by easy access and availability of the surveillance data to the user. In next-generation systems, the user is an important component of the feedback loop. This feedback tunes the system to assimilate knowledge and generates more relevant data.
  • While various startups are focusing on a specific aspect of video analysis, we are focused on providing flexible camera API so that most of these use cases can be programmed by tech-savvy personnel. With edge intelligence combined with flexible cloud API, ibeyonde systems can be combined, for example, with access control, biometrics to create multi-model event detection possible with little configuration.
  • Ibeyonde cloud runs sophisticated algorithms to make the camera grid more manageable and intelligent. It is possible to search people moving around a grid of cameras to automatic collection of the gist of the events that happened across cameras.
  • The edge devices also have provisions to add various sensors, with temperature and humidity sensor and microphone inbuilt by default.

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