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Cloud Doorbell

Cloud Door BellA smart door bell that connects to you local wifi to keep you informed of any access to your door. Not only can you see who is at your door but you can also talk to him from your smart phone from anywhere in the world. This is also backed by cloud AI can do person recognition, people counting, object detection to alert you proactively.

Worried about what is happening at your door, you can also see the live mp4 video of what is happening in front of your door.

Ibeyonde Cloud Door Bell has the following features:

  • Mp4 video:

    You can either view it through the app or from any popular browser.

  • Two-way audio:

    The call can be initiated on button press or from a mobile device.

  • Battery backup:

    There are up to 6 hours of battery backup in case power goes off.

  • Smart Alerts:

    You can configure different kinds of events that can send a push notification to your smartphone.

  • Connections:

    Connects to existing door bell power supply.

  • External Bell control:

    You can also hook up your external bell to cloud doorbell.

  • External lock control:

    You can control the electronic lock of your main door from anywhere in the world.


Cloud Camera with free online storage, Cloud Cam so you need not worry about where to keep the history and how to access it. Clear, colourful and detailed pictures and live coloured HD videos, that make adjustment as per your wifi bandwidth without letting you down.

No nasty cables, backup harddisks, or DVR required all that you need is bundled in a compact and strong box that comes with a metallic stand so that it can be wall mounted or simply placed on table top. Only relevant history is stored that will save lot of your time when you have to audit it. History audits are even more convenient with features like time based indexing and tags. The live video and history are accessible from any device like you will access any other website from the browser, eliminating need to install additional software on your mobile or laptop. For safety of your near and dear ones we have thrown in additional sensors that keep track of temperature, humidity and unusual events. Be in touch with your home, office and enterprise like never before !

This camera is specially designed to monitor open spaces like city center or indoor spaces like a shopping mall. Ibeyonde CCam1 is designed to get actionable intelligence from the camera easily. The cameras comes with various pre-built libraries to recognize faces, license plates, animals and objects. The functionality can be easily extended by using the camera APIs that are exposed from the cloud. The CCam1 can give you answers on scenarios like which shopper actually made purchases, what part of the mall are more busy compared to others, employee entry and exit timings, number plates of vehicles entering your premises, density of people in corridor etc.

Replace your antiquated CCTVs with ibeyonde CCam1 and the surveillance data!

A cloud camera with cloud storage and backed by cloud AI. The machine learning algorithms that run in the cloud convert this cloud camera into a versatile equipment capable of counting objects, detecting objects and situations, generating real time alerts on detecting unwanted people or objects.

Moreover, the ML algorithms running in the cloud, convert a group of cloud cameras to a smart surveillance grid that can secure a location more smartly then disparate group of surveillance devices. The smart device can track movement of objects and people, it can alert in real time if unwanted objects or person or vehicle enters the premises. Smart searches let you track objects across cameras and construct history of movement of these objects across cameras.