Access data and control from cloud Smart IoT Platform real time data Easy configuration from any smart phone Real time data transfer and processing All major browsers supported on major devices and platform easy configuration DIY Hardware and Open Source Software Power of IoT Multi-Tenant SELF SERVICE Open Source Software Implementations IoT Hardware with many interfacing options Wifi, RFID reader, GPRS and battery backup Real time alerts that are delivered
over various channels
The Cloud Advantage alerts real time Unlimited storage that retains your data for the time you want Secure storage without any worry of losing valuable data The data transfer is secure from illegal access
Face detection and recognition
with gamified training process
Do More on Cloud AI POWER OF Multitude of pre-trained Caffe and Tensorflow models to choose from Track objects across a grid of cameras Detect events across multiple cameras Console
Answer your customer queries Interactive Sms TEXT POWER OF Conduct Sms based Surveys Online dialogue flow builder Deploy as textbot over SMS or deliver as micro App interactive text messaging Get Started

Open Cloud Camera with ML extensions

Open cloud AI/ML platform that can be extended

Cloudcam parts indicated

Open Raspberry pi based platform that is easily accessible 

Ibeyonde Cloud Camera

Fully functional open-source hardware and software

A screenshot showing how the device live video streaming will appear.

Install and manage from the cloud dashboard

Sensor Hat with Raspberry Pi and screws assemebly

Face detection and recognition. Easy setup with gameplay like training

Face detection and recognition

Open platform to include object recognition that identifies from a database of 400 objects

Cloud Machine Learning

Detect unusual events. Auto model building and training from historical data

Abnormal Events

Safari, Chrome and Firefox on Windows, IoS and Android are supported

Unlimited Storage

DIY Cloud Camera Kit

A fully functional cloud camera kit. The open-source software that is just waiting to be customized. Have a cloud camera project in mind, then this is the best place to start. Be it baby monitor, advance AI application or converting face recognition to attendance tracking, this kit will kick start your imagination.

Headless Raspberry Pi A+

Take your Raspberry Pi programs mobile with this headless kit. You do not need a monitor or a keyboard to get going. Easy configuration with the shell access, build for the programmers by the programmers. You can distribute your creation with the headless setup with this easy to use kit.

Online Textbot Builder

Build text bots and seamlessly deploy over SMS 


Create with online wizards and visual representation


Manage your bots’ and users’ knowledge base online

chatbot menu

2 in 1: Deliver as SMS textbot or as Micro App !

Mircro App

Manage all of bots data, knowledge base online.

Events across cameras

Visual tools to program and extend your dialogue flow

Share Motion And Video Feed

Dynamic and conditional data substitution

Cloudcam Grid

Power of ML to understand user intends

Alerts and Alarms

SIM hosting hardware

SIM hosting hardware with power backup and kick starter image. The software can be modified as per your needs or can be used to connect to your text dialogue flow designed on platform.

Dialogue flow designer

Test your dialogues flows online. Deploy them with the click of a button on your SMS number deployed on the SIM hosting hardware. Everyone uses SMS and it is an excellent means for your business to communicate with the customers.

Online Text bot builder


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