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Raspberry Pi Model B+ based wifi bridge

DIY Raspberry Pi Bridge

Introduction Bridging your network is a method to share your network connection between two computers. Out here we are focusing on a specific use case, i.e., how to share wired internet as an access point using a Raspberry Pi (Model B+) Bridge. Especially in offices, we have wired internet available...
OpenEVSE Firmware Upgrade

DIY Update OpenEVSE firmware

OpenEVSE Firmware It is always important to keep the firmware of the device that you are using updated. The newer versions give you bug fixes and most modern functionality. In case of OpenEVSE if you are planning to augment it with the IoT module or even otherwise, make sure that...
OpenEVSE Raspberry Pi Hat with Battery

DIY OCPP Compliant OpenEVSE

OCPP Raspberry Pi Hat for OpenEVSE This howto is for those of you who own an OpenEVSE electric vehicle charger and would like to connect it to an OCPP server to access and control it over the internet. OCPP Raspberry Pi Hat for OpenEVSE is an IoT device that connects to...
Ibeyonde Cloud Camera

DIY Raspberry Pi Security Camera

DIY Raspberry Pi Security Camera If you are a tech enthusiast and wish to get your hands dirty by building your own functional DIY raspberry pi security camera with access to cloud AI, then continue reading.  Raspberry Pi is a tiny powerhouse that can be made into any IoT project....