DIY OCPP Compliant OpenEVSE

OpenEVSE Raspberry Pi Hat with Battery

DIY OCPP Compliant OpenEVSE

OCPP Raspberry Pi Hat for OpenEVSE

This howto is for those of you who own an OpenEVSE electric vehicle charger and would like to connect it to an OCPP server to access and control it over the internet. OCPP Raspberry Pi Hat for OpenEVSE is an IoT device that connects to the serial port of OpenEVSE on one end and talks to an OCPP compliant server over wifi on the other end.


The OCPP Raspberry Pi Hat for OpenEVSE hardware that comes with a 6pin FTDI connector that connects to OpenEVSE serial port.

Following are the features of  OCPP Raspberry Pi Hat for OpenEVSE:

  1. Designed for Raspberry Pi Zero W, with a small form factor
  2. It comes with onboard RFID-RC522 (Included are an RFID card and RFID Device) and onboard power on/off switch
  3. There is a reset button that comes in handy to set up networking

Pi Zero uses ARMv6 architecture; you should use Raspbian Jessie. Raspbian Jessie is compatible with ARMv6 instruction set. There is a prebuilt Raspbian Jessie image that is provided here.


On bare-bone Raspbian (preferably Debian Jessie) you need to do the following to get it working:

  1. I2S ports:
  2. SPI interface: Raspberry Pi documentation here is good to get that going.
  3. RFID: It is simple to set, take a look at instructions here:
  4. OCPP: The software is available here in openevse-ocpp Github repo. The README in the repo has instructions on how to set up and test the hardware. We also have a steve test server available for testing.


Most of the settings are available on Raspbian Jessie image that is available on request.

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