DIY Update OpenEVSE firmware

OpenEVSE Firmware Upgrade

DIY Update OpenEVSE firmware

OpenEVSE Firmware

It is always important to keep the firmware of the device that you are using updated. The newer versions give you bug fixes and most modern functionality. In case of OpenEVSE if you are planning to augment it with the IoT module or even otherwise, make sure that your OpenEVSE is running the latest version. At the time of writing this howto, the latest version listed is 5.0.1.


To go about upgrading the firmware on OpenEVSE, you will need a computer running any of Windows, macOS, or Linux. You will also need a WinAVR connector, as shown on the right. The tested and approved connector is available at a low price from our store.
WinAVR 10 pin connector with 6 pin converter


Firmware Upgrade

Upgrading firmware on OpenEVSE is a simple process. Just follow the following steps and you are all set.

Step 1: Windows user needs to install the driver for OpenEVSE programmer as instructed in this guide For Linux and macOS, drivers are already there with the OS.

WinAVR 6 pin connected to OpenEVSE

Step 2: Install WinAVR tools as per instructions here WinAVR Installation Instructions. WinAVR tools will help write the given firmware to the Amtel AVR device(OpenEVSE).

Step 3: Connect programmer to openEVSE programmer ensuring that the pink wire faces inside towards MinMAX module, as shown on the right.

Step 4: Download the firmware from OpenEVSE Sources for your OpenEVSE product and your desired configuration. You will need three files: flash.bat, open_evse.hex and eeprom_24.bin

Windows: Run the flash.bat file. Programming and verification should take about 60 seconds.

For macOS and Linux, you can run the following commands from the terminal:

avrdude -c USBasp -p m328p -U lfuse:w:0xFF:m -U hfuse:w:0xDF:m -U efuse:w:0x04:m -n
avrdude -c USBasp -B0.5 -p m328p -V -U flash:w:open_evse.hex
avrdude -c USBasp -p m328p -V -U eeprom:w:eeprom_24.bin -V

If there are any issues, ensure that your connections are good.

After following these simple steps, your OpenEVSE will be running the latest firmware.


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