Headless Raspberry Pi A+ Model

Headless Raspberry Pi A+ Model


Headless Raspberry Pi Model A+ that comes with a micro SD-Card and wifi dongle, let’s you manage the device remotely using your laptop, without the need of connecting a monitor and keyboard.

Items included are Raspberry Pi Model A+, pre-programmed headless Debian Jessie on 8GB micro SD-card and a wifi dongle.

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Headless Raspberry Pi A+ Model

Say, you have just purchased a raspberry pi and wish to checkout how it works. But all you have are a Laptop, a Pi, a micro SD card and a wifi network. How do I connect and control the Pi?

How to make a device headless ?

If you have access to monitor and keyboard for some time, then you can configure the sd card as described here to make it headless. Headless means that you can access the Raspberry Pi using laptop over wifi. In this mode you do not need the monitor and keyboard at all to work with our Raspberry Pi.

The Catch !

But here is the catch, to configure the Raspberry Pi you still need to configure it using a monitor and keyboard ! Ibeyonde’s Headless Raspberry Pi’s implementation gives you total freedom from the use of monitor and keyboard. Instead you access the Raspberry Pi using its default hotspot mode to configure and connect to your local wifi. Enabling you to access it (ie ssh, http etc) from your laptop over wifi !




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