What are SMS bots ?

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What are SMS bots ?

Keeping your customer engaged is vital in driving more sales and loyalty. Everyone has access to SMS, making SMS chatbots indispensable for engaging with the audience. Creating SMS bot for your business or brand is simple with SimOnline.in. SimOnline.in provides several pre-built chatbot personalities. From a simple bot for a company that keeps the user informed about the company, address, brand, etc., there are more sophisticated ones to take appointments, streamline visitors or to take payments by SMS.


What is an SMS bot?

An SMS chatbot is an AI-powered chatbot that you can interact with using the text messaged from your phone.  This article will explain how you can enable SMS chatbot on your mobile number. With an SMS Bot, you can develop a conversational interface that helps answer customer questions, handle responses and, ultimately, drive engagement without the need for downloading a messaging application. These chatbots leverage natural language processing (NLP), which make it easier to design interactive conversations. Since you cannot add a button, or image to your SMS messages, that is why the SMS chatbots have evolved strategies to smartly guide you to do a specific task.

How to create an SMS bot

I did a lot of googling looking for a real SMS chatbot, but I was disappointed almost all the time as they directed me to online web chatbot under the pretext that it is an SMS chatbot. That is the main reason I started putting together a real mobile number based SMS chatbot. There was a catch though; it is not a software-only solution but one that involves a SIM card. I looked for several SIM card device,s but stability was a major issue, some worked with text, but they were not able to respond to a phone call. That was the reason the IoT device that we provide had been designed grounds up to give an elegant DIY product, one with power backup.


This product comes ready and by simple configuration is ready to use with your online account.

SMS Bots can help you take advantage of engagement opportunities thanks to the accessibility and ease-of-use they provide to customers. You can use an SMS bot to create a personalised experience and facilitate open-ended conversations that go beyond the “yes-or-no” style dialogues of the past. Whether that means providing the status update of an order or answering a question about your service, SMS bots can help you help your customers and drive engagement.

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