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SMS chatbot introduction

SMS are ubiquitous and are read more than WhatsApp messages and Emails. They are available on all mobile phones, unlike Email and WhatsApp, that are not available on feature phones. In India, 57% of mobile users still use feature phones and probably do not have access to the internet. These features make SMS an essential tool to communicate with your customers. Are you using SMS at all, effectively? Using SMS Chatbots built with, automates this communication.

If you have decided to use SMS to reach out to your customers and keep them engaged with your brand, then there are several options. You can make use of SMS gateways to send one-way marketing SMSes. SMS gateways are to convey vital information to your customers like sending him to order details, tracking information etc. You can also use like services, wherein you can let customers reach out to you. Now, this is different than the run of the mill marketing SMS messages that bombard the user day in and day out. SMS gateways provide only one-way communication and are expensive. With DIY technology, you can get two-way real-time SMS communication at a very reasonable rate.

SMS chatbot builder provided by quickly get you started. If used effectively, SMS chatbots can reduce footfall to your office, after all, who wants to walk into a bank branch to change his PIN, which can be taken care of by a reset message from the registered mobile. Many such customer queries can be answered using interactive SMS. Moreover, automated chatbots can help customer browse services, patients to take appointments from clinics or hospitals. The real-time chatbot ensures that the SMS number is live and chatty 24/7 and many everyday tasks are taken care of efficiently. The customer has access to information 24/7!

SMS chatbot builder

This article is about setting up your SMS chatbot. To try out how an SMS chatbot will work, register on Each account gets a dummy number. Use this number to configure and play with the chatbots. Once you are familiar with the customization and how the chatbot is capturing and conveying information that you and your customer need, then you can get a real number and transfer the bot to that number.

The next step, for real setup, is to acquire a 2G or 3G sim card and get a plan that maximises sending SMSes. Next, you acquire a SIM hosting hardware kit from Ibeyonde.

Check how SMS bots work by sending a text message to the SMS number +91 9440451410. This will demonstrate how you can handle text communication on an SMS number using text bots.

Register an account on By following simple steps, you link the GSM device to your account. Once the device is linked, your setup is ready for chatting with your customers over SMS. We will help you all the way in setting up your SMS conversations.

Real-time SMS

You can also use this setup to integrate with your backend system, like sending shopping cart information or responding with tracking information on customer SMS request for the same. provides API that let you interact with the SMS in realtime. You can use this to integrated real-time SMS with your backend. This can be used to answer queries by customers regarding their balance, pin changes, order information, event timings, etc.

SMS Chatbots

There are prebuilt chatbots to take appointments, approve visitors etc. These can be customized as per your need and then enabled on the SMS number. Once enabled, they will interact with your customers and never let their queries unanswered. read more on SMS based patient appointment system.

Mobile Micro Apps

Any of the textbot can also be delivered via SMS as mobile Mirco app. This will let the users use the mobile browser interface with which is easier and faster to use. People with a feature phone can continue to use the SMS text bot to interact.

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    yes please do.

    March 22, 2020 at 10:45 am
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  • Ibeyonde Reply

    SMS chatbots are smart text agents like the one running at Once you have tested the text bot online you can simply transfer it to a SIM card hosted on the sim hosting hardware available in ibeyonde IoT shop. provides online tools to facilitate building of your textbot interactions with the potential customers.

    May 19, 2020 at 9:28 am
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