Business SMS Chatbot Service

Business SMS Chatbot Service

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Importance of SMS Chatbot Service

Sms is pervasive. Every mobile phone has an Sms facility.  Sms is indispensable for operating your most critical online transactions eg OTP for online credit card transactions or to change the password for your online bank account. This makes the Sms a powerful way to reach your audience. There are more chances that SMS is read and received than an email. An SMS chatbot service is a cheap way to keep customers informed and drive loyalty.

Power of real-time business SMS

Real-time business SMSes are very powerful, as you can do many things that are currently not even possible or pretty complex to setup. With a resistance to install each and every mobile app that is there in AppStore, Mobile Sms is the key. SMS is the widest communication channel that covers more people than any other medium like Email or WhatsApp.

Currently, many vendors look for feedback from their customers, but the feedback message forwards you to a webpage. What if they can reply by the same medium. Feedback and loyalty will feel encouraged in such a scenario. Toss in Voice and AI and the medium becomes very powerful! The customer service calls are handled by AI agents reducing the load and saving a ton both in terms of setup and as the facilitator.

With cloud-based real-time SMS Bot API (currently offered in India), you can respond to your customer’s text in real-time.


With discover a fast, easy way to collect feedback from your audience. Create surveys that rely on the same medium to capture response. The response is run thru algorithms to get the exact information that you need. Phone number is a person’s identity. Information of value coming from a mobile number can be believed to be coming from that source. Confidential information can be safely sent to the customer phone via SMS.

Create powerful SMS bots that will give the right information to the customer, make appointments and walk them thru the maze of information. You will be surprised at the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this innovative approach. Read more bout how to use online textbot builder tools.

What more also offers the power of micro-apps together with SMS text bots.

Get started here with Create and launch business SMS text bots in Inda.


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