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Transactional SMS/SIM Hosting

Carol is a very chatty person. It is a simple setup to demonstrate how powerful transactional messaging can be to get the user involved and interested. Currently, we are offering the two-way SMS messaging service in India. The two-way session-based transactional SMS service is mainly meant to provide meaningful and helpful information to your customer via text messaging. Augmented with AIML, this can help you retain customers and to do cross-selling. This service is provided by hosting the sim numbers selected by you, or you can rent the sims numbers from us. Customers can reach out via SMS message, and they get their query answered instantly, without the need to dial a number. People are more resistant to dialling a number than sending an SMS for an enquiry. To get started goto SIMMobile.

We are adding WhatsApp business and Voice telephony to our suite, so stay tuned.

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